Stardust Sportfishing
Reservations: 805.963.3564

Freelance Fishing on 3/4 day trips, Yellowtail on 1/2 day!!
Coral Sea 1/2 day Friday-JUST SHOW UP
Stardust 3/4 Day Friday & Sunday Lots of room,
Both Boats are a go for Friday!! Book now!

Santa Barbara
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More Than Fishing, it's an Adventure!


65Ft x 19Ft, Limited Load 40 People Max,

Full Service Hot Galley, Clean Bathroom, Family Friendly Crew


58Ft x 18Ft, 1/2 Day 30ppl Max, 3/4 Day 25ppl Max,17 Bunks,

Full Service Hot Galley, Clean Bathroom, Family Friendly Crew

Coral Sea

Private Charters
Reel in the Good Times.